During our history we have provided hours of consultations for our clients from private and academic areas to develop their collaboration, innovation and growth.

We have supported more than:

  • 200 organizations to conclude international cooperation agreements (technology transfer, cross-border business cooperation, distribution and international projects)
  • 100 companies in innovative management (solutions how to better and long-lasting profit from innovation, how to improve innovative processes from the selection of ideas to the promotion of new products, how to more effective use free tools and public funds)
  • 50 companies to obtain credit funds for business development and technology upgrading
  • 100 organizations to participate in European projects supporting research, innovation and regional development
  • 50 protected technologies with the potential to enter foreign markets for companies and academic organizations (universities and Slovak Academy of Science)
  • 10 companies in the field of specialized innovation coaching aimed at organizing the organizational and technological processes related to the deployment of new products on the market, which are supported under the European programme SME Instrument
  • 80 international brokerage events and business missions for almost 3000 organizations for which we have organized also more than 9 000 meetings
  • 100 local information and training events with the participation of almost 3000 participants
  • 30 companies in the early stages of doing business within incubator activities
  • 10 new business and innovation support centres in Slovakia within the network of Business and Innovation Centres (BIC) and Regional Advisory and Information Centres (RPIC)
  • 3 new incubators for start-up innovative companies
  • 5 regional and national innovation strategies, Intelligent Specialization Strategy (S3), including needs and strength analysis, development measures proposal and action plans
  • 15 analyses to improve the business environment with an emphasis on innovation at local, regional, national and transnational levels
  • 5 strategies and action plans to improve cooperation between academics and industry subjects for the development of technology transfer, the use of intellectual property rights and international cooperation
  • Ensure a national support structure for the European framework programmes for research and innovation