Innovation support

We can help you to develop innovations in your organisation, launch new products in the markets, or exploitation of research and development results. Take advantage of our services in:

  • technology transfer and cooperation – purchase and sale of innovative technologies, commercialization of research results and creation of innovative partnerships,
  • protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights – from identification of appropriate forms of protection, through preparation of patent applications to commercial cooperation in licensing,
  • preparation of innovation strategies for companies and regions – from analysis of local needs and strengths, through design of measures for sustainable growth to the development of implementation action plans,
  • innovation management in companies – solutions how to better benefit from innovation in the long run, how to improve innovative processes from idea selection to commercialisation of new products, how to make more effective use of available tools, measures and public funds,
  • funding research and innovation – access to external grant and non-grant (credit and investment) resources to fund research activities as well as launching market innovations for businesses and academic organisations,
  • preparation and implementation of projects for Horizon 2020, the European largest research and innovation support program with a budget of 80 billion euros.