About us

BIC Bratislava, s.r.o.

The Business and Innovation Centre - BIC Bratislava Ltd. was established in 1991. Our mission is business and innovation consulting, transnational technology transfer, financial consulting, regional development, support in the EU Framework Programmes for research, technology development and innovation (FP7 & CIP), project management and investment consulting. We are a co-ordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network representation in Slovakia, one of the co-founders of the SPICE (Science Parks and Innovation Centre Expert) Group and of the Slovak Association of BICs and RAICs.

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4th International B2B Software Days - the Future of Digital Business, Vienna, Austria

Learn more about the latest trends in DIGITAL BUSINESS and find international cooperation partners for research, technology and business projects!

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EU has launched the calls for proposals for more than 7 billion eur!

European Commission has launched the calls for proposals in the 7th Framework Programme for RTD for more than 7 billion eur!


PROGR-EAST - new project on pre-commercial procurement launched

Innovative PROcurement techniques to support the GRowth of competitiveness for public services in EASTern Europe


ELEEN - new project on ecodesign and ecolegislation for SMEs launched

The overall objective is to support SMEs to absorb methods and tools that simultaneously reduce their impact on the environment, and increase their profitability.

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